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Air cooled chillers

Air cooled chillers

Air cooled chillers for sale. These machines are used along with other manufacturing equipment that is used in commercial applications such as plastic manufacturing, etc. This cooling equipment is not to be confused with other chilling & cooling equipment with different sorts of cooling systems, for example: Water cooled systems & ammonia cooled systems "which we also have for sale". The used air cooled chillers for sale are brands such as: Carrier, Krack Corp, Neslab, Trane for sale. Vapor compression chiller units.

Used 200 ton Carrier chiller

Used 200 ton Carrier chiller, air cooled, R-22, condensor, 460 volt, 450 PSI high side, 1994. (Missing parts). #21SL972

Used Krack Corp chiller

Used Krack Corp chiller, 200 ton, air cooled, #KSUK-8310K, dual Trane compressors, #24SL354 

Used 135 ton carrier chiller

Used 135 ton carrier chiller, model 30cxf135-a-540-hj, air cooled. R-134A, has 2 compressors and a 6 fan set up. 2002. #40XL11-802

Used Thermal Care 35 ton chiller

Used Thermal Care 35 ton chiller air cooled, 35 hp compressor, 80 Lb charge. 460/3/60 volts. 1995. Model #AHR3504. Item # CX870904

Used Trane 20 ton Chiller

Used 20 ton Trane air cooled chiller, model CGADC204ADA1FTWHR. #35SL113

Used AEC 10 ton Chiller

Used AEC 10 ton Chiller, air cooled, 230 volt. 20 F/-6.6 C temperature. 30/70 antifreeze - water. Model STAC10DB. Item #CX94376 

Used Neslab Chiller HX200

Used Neslab chiller, model HX200, recirculating air cooled, rating 5 - 35 C. #37SL583

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